If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a life time.

MoFWR    Vission & Mission

The Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources (MoFWR) has its fundamental goal and purpose of conserving, protecting and managing fisheries resources for socio-economic development of The Gambia. Its aim is to improve the living standards of people by ensuring maintainance of fisheries resources.


To plan, manage and develop the fisheries sector in The Gambia with the cooperation and collaboration of local, national and international institutions; formulate fisheries policy and legislations; provide advice, assistance and service to fisheries operators and businesses irrespective of gender or creed and to institutions at both national and international levels; protect and develop local fisheries industries ; develop aquaculture ; facilitate provision of credit, infrastructure machinery and equipment for operators in the sector; cater for research, technology development and technology transfer; promote training in fisheries management and development; promote join venture agreements/arrangements; monitoring, control and surveillance of all fisheries related activities on land and within the fisheries waters of The Gambia with the ultimate objective of achieving significant reduction in poverty through increased food security, increased employment opportunities and enhanced revenue and foreign exchange earnings by way of sustainable management, exploitation and utilization of fisheries resources, having due regard for the protection and conservation of the biological diversity of species and preservation of the environment


To manage, develop, conserve and protect the country’s fisheries and water resources in order to assure a safe and sustainable exploitation of these resources for domestic, trade, agriculture and other uses which are responsive to current and future quality of life and economic development needs of present and future generations of citizens of The Gambia; and to provide timely and accurate weather and climate data and information to safeguard population and promote food security.